Did Islam Spread by the Sword in India?

Islam has had a huge social, political and economic impact on India. However, the older religion of Hinduism was dominant in India when Islam expanded into the Middle East and Central Asia (Stearns 2001). Thus the question arises of how the Muslims ruled over India for over a thousand years? Today, Islam is only a minority religion in India with only fourteen percent of the population made up of Muslims (Esposito 2003). But how did Islam spread to India to begin with when Hinduism was the dominant religion? I am going to discuss the different theories of how Islam spread to India, including the idea that it was spread by the sword.

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Why does Nietzsche extol the virtues of Jesus, and yet detests the Pauline Christ?

Nietzsche was critical of the Christian religion, so it is perhaps surprising to find lengthy passages in his work placing Jesus in a positive light but this can be explained. As claimed by Nietzsche, Christianity is founded upon the ressentiment of Saint Paul, a mix of bad conscience and resentment. Christ is an invention of Saint Paul. He used Jesus of Nazareth, a historical figure, as a scapegoat for our sinful nature to avoid us from taking responsibility for our own lives. The Pauline Christ encourages people to approach life with a will to truth. Whereas, Jesus of Nazareth approached his life with a will to power. Jesus displayed virtues that Nietzsche praised. One could say that the doctrine is the enemy of Nietzsche, rather than Jesus himself, Jesus the man – Jesus the Jew (Kee 1999: p. 144).

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