Emotional abuse is still abuse.

This post is different from my others, it’s a rather personal post. I was apprehensive about posting this because it doesn’t exactly go with my blog and also, quite frankly I was scared as it is something that I rarely speak about. But I feel it is something that needs to be spoken about as I feel that people are not aware of what it is, and I also feel that it is considered a taboo subject. I was in a toxic relationship and I was not aware of what emotional abuse was until really when I got out of the relationship about a year ago. I’m not going into detail about my experiences because for one, I don’t want to relive it; and two, if he finds this post, he’ll get mad and I doubt he wants his name tarnished.

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Discuss the significance of the miracle stories in the Gospels.

The miracles that Jesus performed are found in the Gospels of the New Testament. The events have been termed ‘miracles’ due to a number of reasons, including the definition of what a miracle is by notable people. Saint Thomas Aquinas stated that a miracle is “beyond the order commonly observed in nature”. Similarly, to David Hume who famously defined a miracle as “a violation of the laws of nature”. Out of all the subjects related to Jesus, his miracles are the one topic that has presented the most problems for readers in recent centuries. Many people, including some Christians, have found it hard to believe that the alleged miracles actually took place. However, nonetheless, the teachings of Jesus still come across loud and clear. We tend to extract the meanings and teachings behind the miracles against the background of the Old Testament. This aims to show how the prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus, and how the long awaited kingdom had arrived through him (Drane 1999). It is necessary to understand the miracles in this frame of reference.

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