Bangor, my love.

I have never regretted choosing Bangor to do my degree, not for a second.

Bangor has allowed me to grow as a person. My independence has grown. My confidence has grown.

For someone who got average grades at GCSE because of a pit of depression…

And for someone who did appalling at A Level due to a toxic boyfriend…

…I came out with a first in my first year. I was grateful that Bangor gave me a chance, I still am, for I would not be the person I am today if I had made a different choice.

I don’t even know the girl who existed before uni. Who even is she?

Below are only a few of my favourite things about Bangor:

Ah, Blue Sky Café. A hidden gem up an alleyway by Santander Bank. Fairly certain that the majority of my money and time is spent here. Those who know me, know I am a massive lover of coffee, this place does not disappoint. I could not write a post boasting my love for Bangor without mentioning Blue Sky.

Ynys Llanddwyn (Llanddwyn Island), located just off Newborough Beach on Anglesey. Llanddwyn means “the church of Saint Dwynwen”, Dwynwen being the Welsh patron saint of lovers. Ruins of the church can be found on the island (as can be seen in the first photo). It is a fantastically beautiful place, so calm and tranquil.

Of course, the Main Arts Building, otherwise known as Hogwarts – both to students and staff. Hogwarts can be seen from every angle of Bangor and is an absolutely
incredible place to read my degree.

*I have written this post as part of my application to be a Digital Ambassador for Bangor University* 


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