An Update

Hello! So I feel it’s been a while since I posted anything significant, and I’m afraid it will probably be a little while more as I am swamped with essays for uni.

However, I am here to give an update on my doings as I am so excited for the upcoming months!

First of all, I am off to Berlin and Kraków with uni in just over three weeks! I am unbelievably excited because I have finally got the opportunity to visit Auschwitz. Which, come to think of it, is an odd phrase to use. I’m “excited” to visit Auschwitz? I feel as if I’m being ignorant, as if though I have a lack of respect? Rambling thoughts.

Second of all, I have applied to do a two week summer course in Biblical Hebrew! So, some context – I have recently decided that I want to study scripture, in particular the Bible and the Quran. I feel that translations are key. For instance, I feel that if a piece of text is translated over and over again, it will undoubtedly lose some meaning. Also, language evolves. For example, the Sana’a Codex (one of the oldest Quran manuscripts in history) was discovered in the 1970’s. The S17155660_10208365144916368_7808975085611625817_nana’a Codex dates back to before 671 AD and it was found that the language used in it is different from the Quran we know today. Moreover, I believe that understanding the social context behind scripture is particularly important when transferring the values of the Bible or the Quran, to the modern day (Have a read of my essay To what extent is the Bible a patriarchal book, particularly the second to last paragraph) .

Therefore, I want to learn Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek and Classical/Quranic Arabic in order to understand the original text.

If anyone knows of any courses in the UK, any books or such that would help me in learning these languages, then please let me know!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
milk and honey (2015) by rupi kaur, p. 179


Also, it was International Women’s Day yesterday! So, I wanted to leave this poem here…


                                      view of the Menai Straits/Anglesey from round the corner of my uni home, so blessed





Thank you for reading my very brief update! I shall start posting again once I get through these essays!

Please have a read through my thoughts or my essays if you have time, it’s much appreciated!

Also, please follow my twitter account @wordsfromastone!

Thank you,  bye!



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